Looking for non-surgical solutions to tackle your persistent pain?

Looking for
non-surgical solutions to tackle your persistent pain?

Regenerative medicine may be the answer.

Welcome! As an orthopedic surgeon, I understand the burden pain can have on your daily life. Surgery, while effective, might not be preferred due to factors such as increased recovery time, your individual health status, and personal convenience. We empathize with these concerns, and in response, we’ve extended our treatment options to include several non-surgical alternatives.

These less invasive approaches can substantially alleviate pain, improve your mobility, and positively contribute to your overall well-being in less time than surgery.

Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated

Knee pain- TOSM

Knee Pain

Stop knee pain fast without surgery.

Lower back pain - TOSM

Hip Pain

Stop hip pain fast without surgery.

Shoulder pain-Tosm-treatment

Shoulder Pain

Stop shoulder pain fast without surgery.

elbow pain-TOSM

Elbow Pain

Stop elbow pain fast without surgery.


Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is one of the newest ways to help with recovery, injury, and pain relief. PRP uses a highly concentrated solution of your body’s own platelets to accelerate the natural healing of damaged tissue. Platelets are found in your blood and play an important role in healing injuries. Growth factors and proteins found in the platelets speed up the body’s tissue repair process, especially in degenerative tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments) that have not healed correctly initially after an injury or from overuse.


Plant-based injectables

Traumeel is a homeopathic injectable and is an effective alternative to commonly used corticosteroid injections. It has a number of botanicals, including echinacea, belladonna, and arnica, which not only decrease chronic inflammation but also promote healing by increasing blood flow to the tissues. Unlike corticosteroid injections, Traumeel does not affect the function of normal tissues.

Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC) in
Orthopedic Regenerative Medicine
Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC)

Unlocking Potential: BMAC Therapy’s Role in Orthopedic Regenerative Medicine

Welcome to the forefront of orthopedic care, where innovative treatment meets reliable science. If you’re dealing with issues like joint pain, arthritis, or tissue injuries, you don’t always have to go under surgery to find relief. Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate, or BMAC, is a specialized therapy designed to speed up your body’s natural healing processes, offering a credible alternative to surgery. Using cells directly extracted from your own bone marrow, BMAC Therapy aims to facilitate tissue repair, lessen inflammation, and improve overall joint function. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach but a customized treatment aligned with your specific medical needs. It has proven to be an effective and safe route to alleviate various orthopedic conditions. Elevate your understanding of a transformative treatment that has the potential to redefine your path to recovery and long-term well-being.

“We have the ability to reclaim and maintain the mental and physical vitality we had in our youth. your health is wealth!” – Patrick H. Tyrance Jr. MD

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